Frozen Monday in the Mitten

How does one make Monday morning more difficult? More stubborn to rise and face the day?


Simply drop the temperature. Its a brisk morning here in the former furniture capital.


Growing up in Michigan, people here seem to all have their methods for combating the winter blues. We would love to hear yours.  Feel free to drop a comment with suggestions and your strategies! This list from Buzzfeed seems to help quite a bit.

1. Go outside within two hours of waking up.

2. Get a light box. ( like this one Verilux HappyLight Liberty 10,000 LUX Light Therapy Energy Lamp ) 

3. Take vitamin D supplements.

4. Eat more complex carbohydrates.

(You might crave junk food and greasy comforting things like pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese during the sluggish, cold winter months, but stuffing yourself with sugar and refined flours will only make you feel even grosser.)

5. Make your house/work space brighter.

6. Make your bed every day. (ya filthy animal)

7. Get some exercise.

8. Limit your caffeine intake.

(I know seems crazy, but all those insulin spikes can be dehydrating…and leads to fatigue) 



I see countless posts on the winter blues, but it will be over soon enough, and we can go back to enjoying the amazing Michigan summer. In the meantime, there is always work to do. If anything, it will keep you warm at the very least!


Happy New Year!


2018 is here already! Its cold here in Grand Rapids, but we are used to it. We have returned from the holiday break, and ready to begin the new year. We have uploaded our stock catalog  here


so please take a look, and make sure to call for any pricing questions!


Hump Day progress.

canon pics 444

What are you working on this weekend?

canon pics 493


The weekend is quickly approaching. I hope you find yourselves warm and happy as we head into the holiday season. We have been jamming on some cool projects out in the shop, and cant wait to show you what we have been up to. One of the most interesting factors has proven the awesome things that YOU create with the material from our shop. What it looks like finished and installed, what the various components and pieces end up as when filtered through your vision.


Our sincere hope is that we can collaborate together and create something amazing.


Happy Friday!

Shopcraft as Soulcraft




There is something to be said about the nature of work in the modern era. As we start this latest phase here at Tontin, I want to explore what it’s like running a small custom millshop in the rust belt of the United States. I want to examine the nature of work, here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and detail some of our projects, what we are up to, and hopefully interact with as many of you as possible.

Thank you! I would enjoy comments and feedback as the site/blog progresses.